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Date: 12th January 2015
Buying a demo car pros and cons

Looking to purchase a new car at a discounted price? Well, have you thought about buying demo cars yet? The dealers use demo cars to persuade new car buyers, so that the buyers can select a particular model. Once the purpose of selling has been done, these cars are sold by the dealers at a discounted price that is one of the major benefits to people who are looking for new cars at a low price. However, the disadvantage is though these cars are well presented, these have a low mileage. The reason being, the dealers have to show their range in the best way and change the stock. There are several other pros of buying a demo car. Here are some that you need to know about.

Condition of the car:

Almost all of the demo cars have a very low mileage. Few cars are used for the purpose of test drive and few will not even be moved from the specific location. The benefit of these cars is that, as the car is in the name of the dealer, it is actually a used car price which you will be paying, but the car is brand new. The car is also maintained well, regularly serviced and all the paperwork is done in order. However, the con here is, most of the cars is not serviced and has a low mileage as well.

Specifications and other features:

Expect your demo car to have all the amenities. Remember, these models have been shown to convince the buyers, and these have a better interior, stylish look, and have improved upholstery and better styling features. With high specification equipment, you can do a whole lot more with the car. 

If the car is driven properly and serviced well, then you can expect good features and performance. But if the demo car has several thousand miles on it, you can be assured that the car is not in a condition that you would love.  The more the number of miles, the more properly do you need to check the maintenance record of the vehicle. This is to ensure that the car was properly maintained during and after the critical break-in period. But how hard the car was used, you have no way to know that and there may be hidden damage in the engine lurking.


If you are buying a demo car that is just a few months old, then you can benefit of the warranty on the car. However, if the demo car has a standard warranty, then you will definitely lose on some of the warranty period. If the difference is too much between the miles travelled and miles which have a warranty, then you have certainly missed out on significant protection. 

It is best to buy a demo car if the car is a few months old and has a good warranty on it. On the other hand, in case the vehicle is roughly used then do not forget the risks - you will get a cheaper and a better deal the more your car's been used. Proper inspection is necessary for a lucrative purchase.