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Date: 8th January 2015
Some powerful maintenance tips for your car for a perfect driving experience this summer

Summers are approaching in Australia and this is the best time to seek some car care tips. To begin with, you can either do it at home or take your car to a mechanic. The two most important things to address in the car are the tires and second is the engine.

Checking the tires:

Checking the rubber is important and then the tire pressure. It is because there are many cons of using the tire that is either under or overinflated. The disadvantages of using under or over inflated tires are that it can cause major wear and tear, and limit the contact of the tire with the road. There can also be sidewall damage and the brake system performance can be affected badly as well. It is important to consider the size of the tire, diameter, width, etc. The reason being only the specific size of tire will be suitable for your car and not any other as the pressure will vary as per the size. The sidewall gets the maximum pressure of the tires you use, so you should be wise in the selection. There should also be a placard between the rear and the front doors with the correct tire pressure for your car or tire.


Certain fundamental maintenance must be given to the engine throughout the year at specific intervals. Changing the oil clubbed with a good drive to warm the engine will be a better idea as well. Once the oil has finished draining, swap the old filter with a new one and wait for the engine to cool once the slump plug is reinserted and pour the oil on top of the engine now. Using fresh oil is important for interior fuel consumption and if you are not sure about which oil to choose, call the manufacturer of your car or try going through the manual which you got with it.

Spark plugs:

For better fuel efficiency, choose new spark plugs and it will also result in better driving experience and reduced emissions. Plugs come in different types so check what type of plugs your car has before replacing.

AC, radiator and windscreen:

For air conditioning take it to the licensed service center for checking the leaks so corroded connections and cracked pipes can be repaired. For windscreen protection, check the rubber because it can scratch the screen and may have dust or dirt as well. Level of wiper fluid bottle should check here. Also check the radiator fluids for better working of AC’s and fans as it may be old over a period of time. As per the car, just drain the plug at the base of the radiator. Once you drain, flush the system with water and then refill as stated in the direction.

In case you cannot do this, go to an authorized car service center and your car will be ready for a better driving experience this summer.