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Date: 29th August 2016
Tips on Buying a Used Car from a Dealer

Generally, the safest method for buying a used car is to visit an established used car dealer. Here are important tips for purchasing a used car from a dealership.

Essential tips to buy used car from a dealer

1.      Before going to a dealership, do your homework. You should know what type of car you are planning to buy and also what its approximate worth should be. Know the worth of the car from Drive car valuations, which will give you with an approximate price of the used car that you are planning to buy – this will certainly help you to make a fair negotiation with the dealer.  

2.      Look through carefully to the price sticker. It is possible that some pre-owned vehicles may still have factory warranties in its place. This information you will get from the price sticker. On the other hand, there may be some cars listed “as is”, which normally conveys you that they are older or not in optimal condition.

3.      Always take the vehicle for a test drive. When buying a used car, this is a step that you should always take.

4.      Be observant of anything about the car that makes you uncomfortable, for instance, while test driving the car, you hear some sort of sounds or get an awkward feel in the way it drives then just walk away.

5.      Examine the vehicle. You may not be a trained mechanic; however, you can at the very minimum tell if there is air in the tyres, oil in the engine, and an overall sense of maintenance in vehicle’s exterior and interior parts.

6.      You should always request for the history of the vehicle. Using VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), you can check the history online on Service NSW and obtain a detailed report that consists of any accidents or vital repairs that the vehicle has undergone in the past. If you request the dealer for this report, they should be pleased to give it. This will assist you in knowing a bit more about the car you’re thinking to buy.

7.      You need to negotiate but just a little; it will be difficult for you to get discounts exceeding 15% off the sticker price. Be ready to negotiate but only a little as there may be a little flexibility and you should surely opine if you feel the dealer has overestimated the vehicle’s price.

Concluding Words

To conclude, used car market is a hot one and there are many great used car dealers in Sydney, which means your choices are abundant. So, take your time, do your research well and find the used car that offers value for the money you spend and at the same time ensure it fulfils your needs.